Client Tributes

Monica Rodriguez
"I had no idea that I held myself to such a high standard (an impossibly high standard, in fact) that I judged myself against. Whenever I didn’t do or achieve what I thought I should have, I would then hold a grudge (judgment) against myself. At first, I didn’t even recognize that this was something I do, but I gradually started to see it through our conversations and journaling practice. Additionally, Andy taught me a self-healing process called self-forgiveness to help me release these judgments and let them go.

We also worked a lot on my vulnerability. In the past, I had a tough exterior shell that I had created for myself for “protection.” This made me regularly come off as unapproachable, and it’s something that the aforementioned self-judgment made much worse. Through the process of self-forgiveness, my hard outer shell became much softer and gentler, I became more approachable, and I started to learn and see the strength in my vulnerability.

And in the physical world, Andy helped me buy my FIRST house! I had had a goal/dream of owning a house, preferably income property, but I held a misconception that I would never get there and it was something that “someone like me” could never accomplish. By breaking down the process into small steps, addressing the fears as they came up, and being accountable to taking action and moving forward, Andy helped me get there, and accomplish this life-long dream.

Since working with Andy, I have continued to grow, learn, and stretch into new things - all to serve my ultimate goal in life - to be happy. I have a deeper and more loving relationship with my family, I have a happier disposition at work, and I even started doing stand-up comedy, something I would never have had the courage to do before.

Probably the biggest shift that occurred as a result of working with Andy was the daily practice of self-forgiveness - something I still practice to this day. By releasing myself of the pressure, guilt, shame, and judgments I put on myself, it goes a long way toward relieving myself of the burden those thoughts and feelings create.

I think back to when Andy and I first started working together about how closed-minded I was, and how patient and supportive Andy was. In many ways, I was standing in my own way of success and happiness. Working with Andy for several years I was able to jump-start a surge in my professional career as an architect and also create a life of peace and balance. Andy helped me to realize that I am enough, and not only that I am strong, confident, caring, and loving."
Jocelyn Baker
"Andy knows how to breathe life into potential. What I mean is this: We all have patterns of behavior and thought that cause us to get in the way or our own success, but oftentimes, our own filters prevent us from seeing these areas. Andy pinpoints this in a manner that invites curiosity instead of defensiveness such that the steps for growth and change become obvious. He is someone I want on my team because he is serious about momentum. Whether I am starting at Level One or Level Fifty, he knows how to help me move the ball forward, which I think comes from the high levels of success he’s reached in so many areas of life: as a musician, as an athlete, as a businessperson, as a father, and as a husband."
Logan Gelbrich
"Before working with Andy I was unequivocally unfit to assume the leadership responsibilities I desired. I find that leaders (and even mentors) have a strong bias towards the traits that serve them, which is fine unless, of course, they are remarkable visionaries but poor executioners or visa versa. Andy is a unicorn leader who is capable of often opposing skill sets. He sees the forest and can chop trees with expertise. Since much of leadership is holding multiple perspectives, Andy’s unique blend of Marine officer Zen master and physical specimen intellectual makes him an optimal leader of leaders in my opinion.

Andy has an almost surgical ability to find and develop the edges of one’s ability. Andy met me at my most important challenges and made me an active participant in my growth in those areas. I turned pro in entrepreneurship working with Andy in a way that I couldn’t have stumbled into on my own.

Many people don’t understand that Andy isn’t just a successful leader in the world. There are quite a few of those. I’ve never met someone from which more leadership in others emerged than from Andy. He’s the origin point of more new companies, blossoming leaders, and emerging minds than I’ve ever seen.

Andy’s ability to share responsibility and authority lives inside of my leadership skill set every day, now more than 10 years later.

Andy’s mentorship is the reason I’ve had the success that I’ve had as an entrepreneur. In fact, I fear who I’d be if I worked with someone else."
Steve Rakow
"When I first started working with Andy, I was struggling in three major areas of my life… health, work burnout, and family neglect. My wife and I were in our 20th year of marriage (a great one I might add) and had three young girls. I was practicing law and was a partner in a small homebuilding business. The pace was fast and left little time for self-care. My wife, Kelley, grew concerned about my horrible sleep habits, stress, poor eating, lack of working out, and overall lack of focus due to all of the demands on my life at the time (I think my unhealthy snoring keeping her awake at night is what really did it).

Through Andy's direct, honest, and inspired coaching, I transformed. I began a regular workout routine that started every day before work. I fixed my eating habits and focused on what I should eat instead of what I wanted to eat. I prioritized my family and other obligations, which made me realize what I had been missing by neglecting to spend the much needed time with my young girls and my wife.

Out of all of that, not only was I able to better engage in my two jobs at the time, but my wife and I launched a small business together - imagine that in the middle of everything else! Needless to say, had it not been for Andy's coaching, I would not be the successful person I am today.

Fast forward nearly a decade later and I'm a completely different person than I was over a decade ago when Andy began coaching me. Although our coaching relationship has changed over the years, our connection has grown. Over the course of my life, I can think of a handful of people I call true friends - Andy is one of them. And I can honestly say - friendship aside- Andy is still my coach. He's one of the few people who can tell me what I need to do for my own good in a way that I can "hear" it, and do so in a manner that kicks me in the butt to get going. And that's what everyone needs from their coach. "
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