Client Tributes

Carolyn Freyer-Jones
"Andy is one of the rarest people I know - a former Marine who has one of the most tender and warm hearts I have ever experienced.

His caring and commitment to clients is stunning - to be coached by Andy is to be shown new possibilities in uncharted territory with clarity and curiosity. He is willing to ask questions few would consider-which in turn helps people see their world anew.

The space he creates with clients is vast and deep. Anyone who gets to work with Andy is lucky - life is not the same and they never forget their time with him."
"I started working with Andy during a highly stressful time in my life. I had moved to a new city, started a new job, I was overweight and unhealthy, I was paying two mortgages, and my close friend was recently diagnosed with an incurable and aggressive brain tumor. It was an emotionally charged time. Trusting Andy with my emotional, spiritual, and mental health was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

That was a year and a half ago.

Today I feel happier than I have ever been. I spent quality time talking with my dear friend before she passed away. I told her how much she contributed to my life and that I loved her. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity. I sold a home and made a little money. I have enjoyed success in my new job. As of today, I am down seven sizes in clothes and I feel very fit. I greet each day with a smile and wonder what lessons will come my way knowing I am prepared to manage them.

I am the best version of myself.

If you are searching for a coach who truly cares, look no further. "
Traver Boehm
"Before meeting Andy, I had had no heart-centered male leadership role models. I was a former team-sport athlete, so I was told what to do a lot by coaches. I was yelled at and put down by leaders in order to "motivate me." And it really wasn't until I met Andy that I saw a couple things: 1) how much heart has to go into leadership to actually inspire people and not just dictate to them, and 2) how important it was for the leader and his own actions to set the culture of his organization.

I remember my first experience, literally walking into Andy's gym, and immediately feeling like, "I don't care what we do here, I just want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of this community. I want to be a part of this team. I have no idea what we do, it looks a little bit nuts. But that's fine. I'll figure that out later. I just want to be around this guy and around the people around him."

In working with him, I got this, and so much more. He taught me the value of heartfelt and heart-led leadership, of being vulnerable, (even when most guys don't like that word), of having integrity, of having to stand by your word, even when it's hard. To this day, in the running of my own organization, groups, and the Uncivilized Nation, I still have mental and emotional reference points, lessons, that I learned from those early days back at Petranek Fitness under Andy's watchful eyes.

I truly can't imagine my life without that four or five-year chunk, during which he was an integral piece, my leadership mentor, and my coach."
George A.
"I wanted to be in a relationship, but I was someone who didn’t trust others. Because of various experiences in relationships with people in my life (before meeting Andy), I didn’t feel they were trustworthy, or that they’s show up when I needed them, so I protected myself by never letting them close enough to be able to hurt me.

It seems so obvious now, but because of my past, and my low level of self-trust and self-esteem, I had created a protective shell around me that was preventing me from getting the very thing I wanted the most. Thanks to my work with Andy, I learned how to be happy and satisfied in a relationship with someone else because I trust myself to be vulnerable with them. As a result, years later, I’m happily married and have a lot of strong, loving relationships in my life. "
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