Client Tributes

Mark N.
"I used to experience all sorts of anxiety associated with being seen as perfect in others eyes, and having to be switched "on" all the time for everyone else's benefit. It was exhausting and not getting me what I wanted in my life.

In my time spent with Andy, I learned to honor myself for who I am, to appreciate my weaknesses, and to respect my "me" time since it was the most valuable time each day for my own self-actualizing. Because of this work, facing my deficiencies, accepting them, and continuing to address them, I have the inner trust and confidence now that I don’t have to be perfect or “on”. I no longer feel the need to exude a false bravado or prevaricate about my strengths and weaknesses. I am who I am and I love that person."
Z Amirian
"Failure of any kind used to be totally unacceptable to me. It's no wonder I was a fierce procrastinator. I knew I needed to get things done, but would put off getting started for fear of failing to meet others expectations.

As I worked with Andy, I started to see failure completely differently. Rather than looking at it as a way to judge myself, I started to see it as an essential part of my learning process. "Win or Lose" became "Win or Learn". I also began to appreciate and love the process of learning, regardless of the outcome and potential for failure.

Today it's like I am a different person, well, I AM a different person. I’m much more willing to get started on projects that I used to put off. All of the guilt, shame, and emotional burden that the fear of failure and resulting procrastination used to trigger in me is gone. This one breakthrough thing has given me such a sense of freedom in an area in which I used to feel trapped and stuck. This work with Andy has greatly affected this, and so many other parts of my life."
Brandon A.
"Prior to meeting Andy, life was easy. I wasn't struggling with much of anything. Life had become blah, ordinary, and I wasn't really growing. I had become complacent and comfortable.

Andy challenged that. He opened my eyes to things that I never dreamt possible. He pushed me outside of my comfort zone so that I started to see more of what I might be capable of. It was like he got me to get up out of life's E-Z chair, to get back in the arena, to struggle, rise, and step into a version of myself that I didn't know I had.

The result... well, I became an entirely different person. This inner fire and confidence became part of my DNA and extended to all parts of my life. One example... in my profession, I was able to step into a new role with no prior experience. I moved into the unknown with a feeling of strength. The self-imposed limitations to my personal capabilities were gone. Life had changed from 'WHY me?' to 'WHY NOT me?'"
Vince T.
"I was 40 lbs. overweight when I started to work with Andy, and struggled generally with my health and well-being. I was stuck in a pattern in which I had put my entire focus into work and success, and as a result, had a sedentary lifestyle, felt like crap about myself most of the time, and lacked the confidence to be who I knew I could be personally and professionally.

Andy helped me make my health a priority in my life and changed my attitude towards exercise and fitness from a necessary evil to something I truly enjoyed and looked forward to. I changed my daily routine and I began exercising consistently. He also helped me change my eating habits. This combination led to a dramatic weight loss over time.

It’s been over 10 years and I now enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. My children look up to me for what I’ve accomplished and I know I’m setting a good example for them. My confidence has improved and I’ve enjoyed success professionally and in my personal life as a result. I know I’ll never take my health for granted again and I have to thank Andy for putting me on this path."
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