Client Tributes

Armen Amirian
"I met Andy as a teenager, ready and excited to learn all I could and I was not disappointed. Andy's work ethic, attitude, and commitment to the process of improvement were not only immediately clear, they were incredibly easy to understand and recognize. Andy was not only willing to share his knowledge and experience, he was fired up to do so. Through my time with Andy, I did more than just learn his style and methods, I developed my own sense of ownership, teamwork, and work ethic which have helped me build multiple businesses and take on various challenges in the past 12 years."
Henry S.
"Several years ago, I was struggling with an overwhelming feeling of general dissatisfaction and anxiety. I was in a serious rut, and I blamed it entirely on my job. I felt that my job had become pointless and boring, and therefore my life had become pointless and boring. I thought I needed a new job, perhaps even a new career, to fix things, and thought about it incessantly. I decided that working with a life coach would help me to find my new direction. Fortunately, that coach was Andy Petranek.

Through my work with Andy I came to realize that the fundamental issue wasn’t my job, and that finding a new one wasn’t the solution. My work with Andy allowed me to take several steps back, re-focus on myself holistically, and truly shifted my perspective. I had so much anxiety from being consumed with the future and “what-ifs” that I was no longer present. This in-turn negatively influenced my relationship with myself, and by extension, with my family, friends and job as well. It was my job that had become the scapegoat. It’s an easy thing to see clearly in hindsight, but quite difficult to see when in the middle of it. It took a lot of work to become more present, and still does, but as a result I am genuinely a much more positive and contented person thanks to my work with Andy."
Greg Z.
"Andy was the first person I ever considered hiring as an advisor or coach. Up until we started working together, I had relied on the advice from my parents, siblings, and friends to be enough, until it just wasn’t.

When we met, I was unwilling to take responsibility for any of the things in my life that were bringing me pain, frustration, anger. I believed that all of life’s circumstances and people were the cause of it all. I was stuck blaming with one excuse after another. Plain and simple, I was a victim, but I didn’t see it!

Andy helped me see things really differently. He helped me see that by complaining and waiting for things to change, I was exacerbating my own problem, and that by taking responsibility, I could actually change things both internally and externally.

Today, while I still have things that come up that trigger me, I know how to flip the script, take responsibility, and shift gears so that I’m living with more ease and flow, particularly in my work life. I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be a struggle."
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