Disconnected? Then connect

Are you someone that says, “I really need to connect more deeply with my family, my kids, my friends.”

Or are you someones that knows the above to be true, though you don’t say it?

In either case, every Friday afternoon you have a great opportunity to create some space in your weekend to do it.

* Pick up the phone and call an old friend.
* Shut the TV off during dinner and have a conversation with you family.
* Go for a walk with you partner…NO PHONES.
* If someone you know is having a birthday, instead of posting on their Facebook feed, give them a surprise phone call.

EVERYONE benefits from heart-felt connection – both the initiator and the receiver. Give it a shot… no text, no email… real connection this weekend.

👉Let me know below in comments what you’re going to do, or what you did.

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