Don’t look to fix. Look FIRST to see and feel.

If you’ve got a problem in your life – a REAL problem – with a relationship, job, family member, your bank account, or even with your body…

… And you’re asking yourself, “How do I fix this? What are the steps? What is the solution?”

You’re starting out by asking the WRONG QUESTIONS.

Have you ever noticed that you’ve been asking these questions forever, and they never lead to you getting your problem fixed?

There’s a reason for that…

You skipped the first step…

Because it’s the hardest one… the one that makes ALL the difference.

The first step is to SEE CLEARLY how YOU are responsible for your problem. Open your eyes as wide as you can. See it from all perspectives. Magnify it, slow it down, study it. You know how it affects you… but have you seen and felt how it affects others in THEIR life? Look at that too.

Oh… and FEEL it… let it seep into your heart – your second brain. Experience the pain from all perspectives. Let it fill you… so that you REALLY get it. Feel all the emotions that go along with the problem.

Yes… I know… it’s tough… it’s the hardest step.

And it’s the most important.

This is the step that Scrooge HAD TO go through first… BEFORE he figured out how to fix his problem. He had to own it fully… see it clearly at the beginning, middle, and end.

Don’t believe me? No worries… skip it… and see what happens. My bet is you’ll be living in some version of “Groundhog Day” until you go back to this step. It’s where all the juice is and the real transformation lies.

So, let me ask you… where are you looking for the fix, and skipping this first step? Want to talk about it? Click the link in my bio to schedule a call.

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