The Coach’s Playground

“Andy Petranek on Radical Self Acceptance”

  • Andy has a fun and deep conversation with Gavin about forgiveness, self acceptance, self-love, and how to make lasting change in your life by creating a new inner operating system.
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The Man That Can Project

“Leadership, CrossFit, and the Whole Life Challenge with Andy Petranek”

  • Andy joins host Lachie Stuart to talk about CrossFit, the Whole Life Challenge, and how his life as a hyper-achiever was going perfectly, right up until when it didn’t… how the wheels fell off, and how he’s put himself back together.
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Wholehearted with Adam Stanecki

“Digging Deep 016 – Andy Petranek”

  • We spoke about mentors, the early days of CrossFit, psychedelic experiences, anxiety, and heaps more.
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On the Reflect Forward Podcast

EP 5: How Embracing Change and Accepting Failure Led to My Success with Andy Petranek

  • Had a very real conversation with Kerry Siggens about dealing with perceived failure… the emotional struggle of it all and how the difficulty and pain can lead to breakthroughs in compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and relatedness (or at least how it did for me.)
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Interview with @Tmacfitness on Instagram

3 Tips from a Life Coach

  • A conversation Andy had about leadership, habits, and resilience with @TMacFitness on Instagram TV.
  • Watch it here (note: you do not need an Instagram account to watch this)
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