Keep both eyes on the road

When you have one eye on the finish line, you only have one eye left to keep yourself on the road.

As a culture, we’ve become outcome obsessed. We want an answer. We want to cross the finish line. We want the result. And we want it all NOW.

We’re willing to let everyone else in the world tell us about how THEY did it. We want a shortcut, a lifehack or biohack, something that will speed up the process so that we can get more of the result more quickly.

We’ve forgotten that a hack or a shortcut leaves out the part of the journey that is essential for mastery – the work itself, the actual journey.

Want to achieve a life of purpose and meaning? Let go of the need for an outcome. Keep both eyes on the road – and enjoy the journey. You are right where you’re supposed to be, and you’ll get there when you get there.

🤗😎😝 Where outcome are you overly focused on? Where do you need to get yourself back to a place of enjoying the journey?

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