Mindful or Mindless?

“Murph” is a CrossFit workout that has become synonymous with Memorial Day when CrossFitters all over the world do it in the memory of US Navy Seal Lt. Michael Muphy.

1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, finishing with another 1-mile run.

It’s a super-advanced, high-volume workout that I’ve done many times.

The super-fit person takes 30-40 minutes to finish it.

It’s designed to help Navy Seals stay conditioned for the rigors of combat, and be done with a 20-pound weight vest.

It kicks the asses of some of the fittest athletes on the planet.

It can leave the average Joe unable to straighten his/her arms or sit down on the toilet for a good week following.

I get it. Honoring the memory of Lt. Murphy by participating in the workout is exciting, honorable, challenging, and can even be ‘fun’.

But there are deeper questions around doing something like this that we’d all be well served asking ourselves, whether about Murph, or something else entirely.

– Is this thing that I’m doing (workout, program, class, diet, school, job, relationship, hobby, etc) appropriate for where I am right now?

– Is it moving me closer to who I want to be?

– Does it honor who I am, in my integrity, today?

– Will it serve my mind, body, spirit, and/or my family?

Answering these questions requires you to CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF. Ask yourself those questions. Become mindful of your choices, and then practice making difficult decisions, ones that ALIGN YOU WITH YOU.

They will help keep you from just going along with the crowd.

While it might be hard and time-consuming in the short term, your future self with thank you.

By the way, my ‘Murph’ on Memorial Day yesterday was:
– 2 mile run
– a minute of yoga every minute for 30 minutes.
– 20 rounds of 1 min meditation


🥀🐉 👉What’s an area of your life where you could use more mindful consideration prior to taking action?

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