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On Creating and Eliminating Anxiety

Do you know how you can create an entire future fantasy for yourself in the blink of an eye?

Like after you’ve gone out on a first date with someone you like and you’ve suddenly created a future with them where you’ve dated, married, moved into a big house, had kids, etc?

It’s your mind’s full-time job to protect itself and your ego from annihilation by constantly predicting the future by evaluating the past… so that it can make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

It spends every moment of every day doing this… and making sure that you know all the ways you haven’t measured up.

In addition to creating an impossible to please inner critic, this mental obsession with predicting the future creates what @eckharttolle in The Power of Now calls psychological time… the illusion that time (meaning the present, past, and future) all exist, and there is something more than just the present moment, the now.

This creation of the illusion of time gives your mind the ability to spend energy thinking about the past (where things like guilt, shame, anger, regret, and remorse live), and creating possible futures (where things like fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt live).

Thus… we all live in varying degrees of depression (past) or anxiety (future).

Well, this morning, I created an entire future fantasy that lead to all sorts of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, and even some depression)…

And in the video, I share how I reduced my anxiety and worry to zero by shifting into the NOW, took action to ensure any wisdom that might have come from the mental thinking into direct action.

🔥🔥 How have you created a negative future fantasy that is causing you fear, worry, anxiety? How might you shift into the NOW to help you relieve yourself of it?
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