On & Off Switch versus a Dimmer Switch

Have you failed in your attempts to start a new habit or quit one that no longer serves you?

Perhaps it’s because you took the dimmer switch approach, rather than using an on/off switch.

Here’s what I mean.

When rules for your new habit are simple, clear, easy to follow, and black and white, in spite of it seeming like it would be harder, it’s actually easier for you to manage the change in your life.

This can apply to anything – alcohol, food, sleep, bedtime, wake up time, meditation, exercise, Netflix, porn, social media, etc.

Anything that you want to create new… see if you can put it in context for yourself of yes/no, on/off, I am/do this, or I am not/don’t do that.

My suspicion? You’ll be more likely to succeed.

How does this apply to you? Lemme know your thoughts or questions in comments👇

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