TGIF? How about TGIM?

You spend 80% of your day working doing something that pays the bills… but brings you no joy, no satisfaction, no aliveness. Why? Because it’s the way you’ve always done it, you’re good at it, it’s easy. But happiness? I don’t think so.

What if you could spend 80% of your days doing something you loved, that happened to also be how you earned a living?

Who knows… perhaps instead of TGIF, it would be Thank Goodness It’s Monday! Imagine how one shift like that could change the course of your entire life.

I want you to know, right here, right now, that it’s entirely possible. It just takes a desire, intentionality, a vision, and a commitment to doing the work to make it happen.

Want to have a conversation about getting unstuck… and creating your work/job/business as something you LOVE? Send me a DM… let’s talk.

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