The four phases of mastery… and the long road to “getting there…”

Information isn’t the problem. Knowledge isn’t either. The answer isn’t in reading another book, or learning another system.

When it comes to habit formation, ACTION is where it’s at. What are you doing each day to move closer to being the person you’ve always wanted to be? Are you showing up?

The question is, what works FOR YOU? What’s going to get you to the fourth phase of mastery – unconscious competence?

For me, the Whole Life Challenge is one of the things I use to keep myself on track. In spite of the fact that I’ve been the Challenge now for over 8 years, there are still habits that I have to bring to the forefront of my brain and remain conscious of and accountable for, or they will drop out of existence. That’s how I know that these things are still in the realm of the third phase of mastery – conscious competence.

The WLC does something else for me… it helps me remember the other things, the things that are not part of the Challenge, habits that I want more of (or less of) that I want to keep in my conscious awareness in order to have more of what I want in my life.

🟢 🟢 So the real question is this… what structure do you have now, or want to consider using in the future, in order to keep yourself accountable and solidly on the path? A group program, community, coach, challenge, best friend, or anyone willing to hold your feet to the fire are all great ways to make that happen. 🥰

⛔⛔ You know a surefire way FAIL to achieve this level of mastery with any habit, no matter how small? Go forward without any sort of structure or accountability.😵

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