Too Much of a Good Thing?

I’ve been really committed to my morning routine now for over a year. I haven’t missed a morning of meditation in about 450 days. And the number of days I’ve missed at morning walk/run or twenty-minute yoga session I can count on one hand.

That means that in the past 15 months, I’ve walked/run over 700 miles and done over 150 hours of yoga. Not a lot when looking at it day-by-day, but quite a bit in accumulation.

My morning routine does a few things for me:

  • It jump-starts my day, getting me started off on the right foot and in the best possible mental, emotional, spiritual space.
  • It gets me “in the game” from the very moment I wake up. To get all the elements of my morning routine in before I have coffee or get my son off to school, I have to be present, focused, and willing to keep all other aspects of life and its distractions out of view. This is a great practice of focus for me.
  • It mobilizes my spine (walking), jump-starts my energy systems, circulatory system, and metabolism (run). It creates length and flexibility in my muscles, joints, and tendons… and trains my focus and balance (yoga). It connects me to my higher self, God, and the Universe, and helps me create space from the constant barrage of thoughts generated by my mind (meditation)

I’ve gotten so good at it over the past year, that I rarely miss… even when on vacation or traveling.

That’s why when my back “went out” while standing in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready to shave over this past weekend, I was so surprised. Sure, I’ve had my share of aches and pains… who doesn’t? Sure my lower back feels tight throughout the day, whether I’m sitting or standing… who’s doesn’t?

In addition to all that I’ve outlined above, I’ve been regularly engaged in numerous programs to address body imbalances, lateral and rotational strength, and the stability of my right knee.

All this to say how on the surface it looks like I’m doing everything RIGHT! And yet… this damn back pain.

So today… for the first time in 15 months… something new. 30 minute walk. NO RUN. 20-minute MEDITATION. NO YOGA. Perhaps a daily of anything, even if it seems to be small and gentile, can be too much.

I’ve always been a huge proponent of varying your routine. Perhaps I needed a little (or big) wake-up call. Let’s hope this does it.

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