vi·tal·ize /ˈvīdlˌīz/ (v.) give strength and energy to

Just started a new private group in Facebook. Actually it’s not an entirely “new” group. It’s my meditation group with a new “skin”.

And for me, VITALIZE really speaks volumes. From it’s definition “to give strength and energy to”, to the way it sounds, and the feeling it creates inside when I hear it. It covers everything.

The meditationin the group has been wonderful… It’s a big part of the whole picture, but part, nonetheless.

So this is a place for a bigger, broader conversation – about life and all it’s challenges… and about rising… the journey… and moving through it together.

We’ll still have live meditations on weekdays, but also in the group will be conversations about things like emotional fitness, relationships, clarity of mind, mental focus, mindset, morning routines, fasting, workouts, nutrition, etc.

👉 INTERESTED?? Join us there! [link in bio]

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