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What are you waiting for? Make your life count!

Blink. Blink. Whoops… Did you miss it?

Life is going by. And while it might not be as fast as a blink, when you look back on it… and all the opportunities you squandered because you thought you’d have the time.

Well, THEN… then you will know that it went by lickety-split.

But in the meantime, you need to ask yourself, “Self… what the heck am I waiting for?”

Is it fear of looking bad, failing, feeling ashamed, doing it wrong, being humiliated, or perhaps fear of death (that’s the grandaddy of them all)?

And if it was any of those, ask yourself another question. “Is the fear you have around this helping you move forward with your life? Or is it, instead, just keeping you stuck?

And lastly… if it’s keeping you stuck… when are you going to let yourself feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY?

For me, lots of fear around IG Live… and yet today, here, I showed up and did it anyway. What is it for you??

🌟 🌬️ 💪 Be courageous and post your fear and what you’re avoiding doing because of it below in the comments.

🌈🌎🔥💧🌞 Are you hurting right now? Stuck? Feeling hopeless or helpless? It’s easy to feel this way this time of year. I’m here to help… Schedule some time with me. Send me a DM or use the link in my bio.

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