What If Everything We Know As Real is Just A Sham?

Up until about a year ago, I didn’t have any reason to question reality.

I knew that a tree was a tree, a car was a car, and yes, another person was, well, another person. I KNEW this. No one had to tell me, convince me, nor did I even have to think about it. It was MORE than just fact, it was direct KNOWING.

But about a year ago, I went on a journey into a world that I never knew existed. One that has been right under my nose since the first day I was born, but that I had no capacity to see or experience.

The journey, or sacred medicine ceremony as I call it now, took me into the far reaches of consciousness and gave me an experience of things unlike anything I had ever known. Beliefs that I’ve always had about myself, ones that I knew were generated in thought and self-judgment but that were always very real and present each and every day (I’m not enough. I’m not worthy.) that just got obliterated while in the depths of the journey. In fact, I had a DIRECT KNOWING of exactly the opposite, I AM ENOUGH. I AM WORTHY. AND I ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

In subsequent ceremonies, I found myself touching the divine. I experienced my own birth, as the fetus inside of the womb. I conversed with the Divine Mother of the Universe, I experienced waking up and being cared for as the son of God and Mother, I saw the ancestral lineage that had been put on this earth in my lifetime and before to bring me into existence.

If you’re anything like me, right now you might be saying to yourself, WTF??? Yes… me too. In fact, I can’t believe that I, of all people, can say with such conviction that I’ve experienced these things, am absolutely CERTAIN of it, and can now speak and write about it. Just as used to think I KNEW what a tree, car, and person were, that I KNEW what reality WAS, I now can say that I KNOW that this “other world” (perhaps it’s not other at all, but more of the ‘real’ world) not only exists, but is the connection to love, acceptance, understanding, patience, kindness, God, love, and universal oneness that I’d always wondered about. And KNOWING it as I do through direct experience is completely different than hearing about it, reading about it, or watching a YouTube video about it. This “new” reality, this “new” world that I discovered for myself is just as real as the one I’ve been experiencing for 55 years through my 5 senses.

And it makes me wonder… what if what we’re seeing through our senses is all just a facade?

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