What you appreciate, appreciates.

Do you minimize your wins? Do you swallow them up right after they occur, saying something like, “well, yeah, it might have been a win, but it wasn’t as big as ______, and it could have been better, bigger”?That’s what I do. I’ll have the inner knowing in the moment that whatever it was I did (something teeny-tiny all the way up to something really huge), was AWESOME, MAGICAL, MEANINGFUL, WORTHY, ALIGNED, BREAKTHROUGH.

But immediately after, I send that feeling down the trash chute… attributing that which occurred as ordinary, normal, not as good as someone else’s, uneventful, no big deal, just another thing that happened… quickly forgetting the magical, wonderful, and marvelous power that celebrating and appreciating.So I’m turning over a new leaf today. I’m making a habit of celebrating #wins… no matter how big or how small… whether they were meaningful to anyone else or not. As what appreciate appreciates.

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