What’s your level of willingness to be wrong?

The universe has a way of telling you when you might be wrong. When it lines things up time and time again that feel like they are punching you in the face… perhaps it’s time to consider that the way YOU are being is at cause.

You don’t have to do that. You can keep on fighting, arguing, being in againstness, but it does get tiring… eventually.

And at some point, you realize that it is easier, even empowering, to give someone else what they want, and to drop the againstness. Aka. admit you were wrong. Change course. Move the other way.

It’s the road less traveled for sure. But it’s usually the honorable one.

Try it on… see if it fits.

😎😎 Where have you found yourself stuck, arguing time and again for your “rightness”, justifying your reasons?

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