You are exactly where you are supposed to be and so am I

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be (and so am I).

No matter where you are, there is no question that you are right where you’re supposed to be.

Now… it may not feel that way. It certainly didn’t for me for a very loooooong time.

Things swirled. I was riddled with fear, worry, panic, and anxiety… for almost an entire year.

And even after that year, I’d get regular “visits” from that uninvited guest.

But with regular, daily self-nurturing practices like meditation, journaling, exercise, affirmations, diet, gratitude, I’ve been able to pull myself (with spirit’s help, of course) into a place that is way beyond where I was before my “emotional meltdown” (aka spiritual awakening) occurred.

Another big piece for me was my willingness to lean on others – friends, community, family, even people I didn’t know that well. They helped me like structural scaffolding as I did the work to put things back together.

And as a result, now I’m able to say with full conviction, that I am, and have always been, right where I am supposed to be. And as hard as it might be to see, you are too.If you’re struggling, as I was, I suggest adopting a regular self-nurturing practice as well. As well as leaning on your friends and community. Perhaps even working with a therapist or a coach. Moving down this path is hard to do on your own, even perhaps impossible.

And don’t stop believing. If I can do it… I know you can too!

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