You go in the direction of what you focus on so choose what you focus on wisely

Are you a leader?

If you said no to that question, I’d call you a liar… why? Because EVERYONE is a leader… at the very least, you are leading yourself.

And that’s the problem now that the debate is over. We are spending all sorts of energy in upset, triggered, angry, criticizing, complaining, judging (not that it’s not warranted). We are pulling ourselves and our energy, thoughts, words, and action toward what we really DON’T want more of in our lives.

Why do we do this? It’s easier to throw stones than take responsibility, it’s addictive, and it’s even got a “fun” quality to it (think lookiloos slowing down to see the results of an accident on the freeway).

It’s time to step up. To LEAD yourself… in the direction that pulls you forward where you WANT to go. Change the context. Change the conversation. Be the leader that you always knew you could be.

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