Do you wake up saying, Thank God It’s Monday? If not… why not?

You don’t have to actually change anything in the physical world to gain this mindset. It’s a MINDSET… that means it’s how you THINK. And how long does it take you to change your thinking? A split second.

That doesn’t mean you’ll all of a sudden WANT to. In fact, your protector/controller, your ego, will very likely tell you the opposite. There is an incredible draw to wallowing in the misery, pity, doubt, anxiety, fear, shame cloud that you’re in.

Don’t let it win. Stand up. Shake it out. Do a shift move. Do a little dance, some burpees, squats, or let out a whoop! Shift your energy… and remember that whatever it is you’re doing today can be contextualized as SERVICE… which means it’s something you GET to do, not something you HAVE to do! It’s an opportunity, not a chore. Shift into high gear by shifting your thinking!!

Let’s do this!! “Thank God It’s Monday!!” Say it. Mean it!

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